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You can’t please everyone May 27, 2006

Posted by Amanda in A Better Mouse Trap.

Ideas  I'm sure almost everyone has heard the phrase, "You can't please everyone" and although that seems like common sense, I've seen some of my fellow competitors take it very hard when the idea they spent hours working on gets a bad review from the judge.  But judges are people too, and everyone has a different opinion. 

For example: The way the competition is set up, you can submit the same plan at state more than one year, as long as you do not compete with it at Nationals.  So, since I normally compete in E-Commerce at Nationals, I've submitted the sample plan more than one year.  The first year, the Judge loved my idea of a small community bookstore, but there were problems with my financials and I'd forgotten a page of the plan.  The second year, the Judge hated the idea of a bookstore.  He gave me top marks for the plan and financials, but took off points for the idea.  He just didn't think a bookstore would work in this age of Amazon and huge online superstores.  And that's a matter of opinion until I try 🙂 

So, even if some people don't like it, that doesn't necessarily mean you won't succeed.  If you believe enough in your dream, and you have the talent, you can do anything you want!



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