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Can’t Complete High School? Go Right to College May 30, 2006

Posted by Amanda in The Job Maze.

Everyone know that a college education is the key to landing that high paying job, but what if you never finished High school? Apparently that’s not a problem, according to Karen Arenson of the Amherst Times. In her article, published today, she says that, “… many colleges — public and private, two-year and four-year — will accept students who have not graduated from high school or earned equivalency degrees.”

While I support people continuing their education, will this undermine Higher Education? If Employers see that you have your degree, they usually won’t ask if you have your High School Diploma. It’s just assumed that you do. Statistically, there may be more students like this than you may think. “There are nearly 400,000 students nationwide, accounting for 2 percent of all college students, 3 percent at community colleges and 4 percent at commercial, or profit-making, colleges, according to a survey by the United States Education Department in 2003-4. “

Not having your high school diploma also makes it harder for the students. Many college courses assume that you have that prior knowledge. I should know, just having completed a Plant Science course that expected me to remember everything from my Sophomore Biology class (that’s Sophomore year of High School, not college). Are you undermining yourself if you just skip over the HS diploma?

Also, there’s a big debate over whether or not the state should fund these students.

Gov. George E. Pataki, however, tried to withdraw state tuition grants from students without high school diplomas this year. Mr. Pataki said the students should show their commitment to education and earn 24 college credits before the state gave them financial aid.

“In too many cases, students fail to graduate from college because they were admitted to programs for which they were academically underprepared,” a spokesman for the governor, Scott Reif, said.

The State Legislature rejected the proposal. The state budget office estimated that it paid $29 million a year for 13,000 students who never graduated from high school to attend college.

What do you think? Click here for the entire article!

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