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Let the Guru’s Prosper! June 15, 2006

Posted by Amanda in Mouse Clicks.

In my travels across the world wide web, I’ve come across two intriguing sites that I would like to feature. Prosper.com and Guru.com.

How it works: Say you need a loan for a new car, so you post a listing for the amount that you need and the rate that you can afford. I have a little bit of spare cash, so I, along with a bunch of other lenders bid the amount we want to lend and a fair % to get back. When the listing ends, the bids with the lowest rates are combined into a single loan.

Although you and other individuals are refered to as “lenders”, the loans are being made by Prosper and then sold to you, making you a loan purchaser. The term “lender” is used through the site for the sake of simplicity.

So whether you are wanting to invest your piggy bank or get a loan for your business, this may be something for you to look into. Since you’re lending to people you haven’t met, it’s high risk compared to putting your money in the bank or even in stocks, however, you do have a high return. Check it out at Prosper.com to see if it’s right for you.

Guru.com is a new option for business owners who need a bit of consulting done. It’s an online marketing place which matches business owners with the top (registered) consultants, locally, nationally, or even world-wide. These consultants and experts cover a large range of topics from Web-site design to Medical Secretarial Support.

Here’s how it works: First, Connect With Professionals by searching through the listings. Then, Upload a Project Agreement. Third, you escrow payment through Guru.com. Next, Complete Project Work and release the funds from Escrow. Lastly, they want you to provide feedback for the consultant you hired. It’s rather complicated and definately designed for small to medium sized businesses, not individuals.

There was one big problem I saw with both of these sites. Neither of them have really taken off, and both rely on the number of their users to provide a good service. They’ll be sites I keep an eye on though.

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1. Dan - October 5, 2006

Hi Amanda,

I’m glad you’ve stumbled across Guru.com its a great marketplace for services that can help drive small to medium enterprise.

In our experieince many of the people ‘outsourcing’ projects are entrepreneurs who dont have the time for detailed project management (they often wear multiple hats within their business). So we’ve devloped a service thats designed to assist managing these projects thru to completion at http://www.paystage.net

We are actively incorporating feedback to improve the service so would love to hear from you if you have an opinion.



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