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Microsoft Small Business +: Plus what? June 19, 2006

Posted by Amanda in Mouse Clicks.

Plus a lot of yawns. It sounds like a good deal at first. Microsoft Small Business + offers free training and video interviews, along with support for your Microsoft software. FREE! I, and I’d assume the majority if not all of small business owners like this word. Free is good!

Ok, so you have to have a Microsoft Passport. Not a problem, almost anything requires a signup these days. So here we go. I’m ready to watch the videos from the Small Business Summit. What do you mean I have to watch them on the 3inch by 3inch screen? Ok, so I have to wait for it to buffer. I can do some laundry. Alright, video’s ready. Once I get past the intro I get to watch a guy who’s about as interesting as watching paint dry. Some of the people, I wonder why they chose. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t great at their job, it just means that they aren’t good public speakers.

Ok, perhaps it’s just this one interview. Well, they have some great topics in here. I mean, I always wanted to know everything there is to know about Microsoft Update. And while some of these may be relevant if you’re looking into purchasing the product, for the majority of us, why would we WANT to watch a sales pitch, when we’re not interested in the product?

So, I’m tired of the product plugs and decide to check out their individualized training. Oh, wait, I have to use internet explorer. Nothing else will work with it. (I have both Safari and Firefox on my Mac). Alright, fine, I switched to a PC and was ready to get my first training. I was impressed by the tutorial which told me I would see text, animations, videos, interactive learning games and have exercises to complete. It sounded pretty cool, but when I loaded up my first lesson, almost the entire thing was just text for me to read. The one little part of “interactivity” they had was a business scenario recording, set to an animation. So as I listen to Bob tell Jack that he needs to keep a budget, I got to watch Jack’s face change from Happy Jack to Sad Jack to Thoughtful Jack. (These are not the name of the characters they used, but I think you can get my meaning)

What could’ve been a great promotion tool for Microsoft comes off as too much of a promotion for what the Small Business owner is getting. So as far as Microsoft Small Business plus, I left the site with the strong opinion, “You get what you paid for”
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1. Jim - June 19, 2006

And they got your personal data when you signed up… Nothing is free these days.

2. Amanda Heismann - June 19, 2006

True, but that information is easily faked and hard to verify. Besides, it’s my work email that it’s linked to, which I will only have for 5 more weeks!

3. Small Business Marketing - August 24, 2006


Interesting topic… I’m working in this industry myself and I don’t agree about this in 100%, but I added your page to my bookmarks and hope to see more interesting articles in the future

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