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The Benefits of PEO’s June 22, 2006

Posted by Amanda in Business Tails.

For those of you who are interested in Professional Employer Organizations (PEO’s) and would like some more information about what they actually do and what they can help you with, I recommend a presentation from Resource Mangement Inc, a PEO out of Salt Lake City. Although it does have a small blurb promoting RMInc, which is to be expected, it cover all of the main benefits of PEO’s.

  • Freeing up time and resources to focus on your core competencies
  • Reduce Risk and Liability
  • Better Benefits
  • Advice when you need it


They also have some pretty funny radio spots you can listen to.

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1. Sergey - June 23, 2006

what the heck is PEO anyway??

2. PML Worldwide - July 3, 2006

A Peo is a Professional Employer Organization. A Peo can help growing businesses with human resource management. A Peo basically hires your employees and leases them back to you at a lower rate. Discounts are procured by the large employee base a Peo usually has, thous passing the savings on to your company. It is like buying the bigger box of cerial from your local grocery store because it is cheaper by volume.

One of the longest operating Peo companies in the United States is PML Worldwide. PML Worldwide has been in operation since 1985 and is considered one of the most reputable Peo companies in the United States.

You can contact PML directly for any questions you may have at 800-567-0235 or by visiting their website at http://www.planmarc.com.

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