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Disappointment June 28, 2006

Posted by Amanda in Mouse Clicks, New Squeaks.

I was very disappointed with Staffmarket.com recently. Someone from the website (I assume it was someone from the website since it was an advertisement) posted a comment on my first post about PEO’s. Since it was caught by my spam blocker, I approved the comment, thinking what the harm, their service wasn’t that bad. But then, I was given the assignment to find all the PEO’s that were based in specific cities. Not every PEO is a member of NAPEO, probably due to the cost, in some part, so I began looking at other sites.

At Staffmarket, in order to get PEO’s that are actually BASED in a specific city, you have to sort through a humongous list of PEO’s that say they serve the area. So if you’re looking for a local PEO, good luck! I tried contacting Staffmarket, to see if they could help save me hours of work. Seems like a simple task, no? The descriptions already say where the home base of the PEO is, and Staffmarket should have a database of this simple information. I started with the email address they posted the comment/advertisement with. No answer from them for days. Then, I emailed the same message to their main info email. After several back and forth emails with Jim, I still did not get the information I needed.

I managed to overlook a horrible website design, mountains of hard to digest text, and abysmal search capabilities, but horrible service is something else all together!! The sad part is, I haven’t found anywhere that’s any better. Other PEO searches have a better website setup and search capabilities, but just don’t have the listings.

On the other hand is NAPEO. I recently posted a comment about how little NAPEO members are getting for their buck. I also emailed this comment to Edie at NAPEO. He was prompt in responding to my concerns and made sure to forward my email to the membership director.

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1. PML Worldwide - July 3, 2006

Amanda, sorry that things with staffmarket.com did not work out for you. Keep in mind that staffmarket is a broker and unless you are willing to let staffmarket place your business they are unlikely to help you because that is how they get paid.

Now in saying that, PML Worldwide is one of the longest operating Peo companies in the United States with an excellent reputation with both its peers and clients. You can contact PML directly at 800-567-0235 or visit their website at http://www.planmarc.com.


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