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Vroom Vroom June 29, 2006

Posted by Amanda in Clear Tracks.

This has been on my list of things to write about for a while now… John Moore over at Brand Autopsy wrote about how he thought Gas Station TV was a horrible idea.  I disagree.  I’m often bored when I’m waiting for that $40 dollar tank of gas to fill up, and I would welcome something of the sort.

That’s a picture of the latest brilliant marketing idea – showing television commercials to people pumping gas. Gas Station TV has been testing this marketing idea in Dallas and is expanding the test to more markets with an eye towards having 1,000 gas stations in 21 states by next year. Airing on GSTV will be 15-second commercials as well as news/entertainment content from the ABC television network.

 If chosen correctly, I think marketing on Gas Station TV could work.  News and weather would be the two things I would want to see.  Advertisements could be for items that are in the gas station, and should be short (no one really likes advertisement, but if they’re paying for the tv).  What do you think?

Jennifer Koretsky over at the ADD Business Owner had some great ideas in her comment.

I think some of you may have it all wrong. What if these Televisions started showing five minute preview clips your favorite ABC show. These could be exclusive clips that can only be viewed at gas stations as you pump gas.

I think Lost, Desperate Housewives, and Grey Anatomy fans might be lined up to view the exclusive clips. My girlfriend can not stop talking about Dr. Mc Dreamy…I might as well give her an excuse to pump her own gas. Somewhat kidding…

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