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Tricks and Treats at Work October 31, 2007

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Pumpkin RatYesterday Liz Sweney, Executive VP and GMM of Women’s Apparel for JCPenney came and spoke at my university. At one point during her presentation, specifically speaking about JCP’s corporate culture, she mentioned that they were flying back that evening to be at Headquarters for the Halloween celebration. At the main campus, they provide daycare for their employees. Day care for approximately 600 children! In celebration of the holiday, the kids (and often times their parents) dress in their best costumes and participate in a parade around the Campus. I thought it was amazing that a company of this size would have an event so large to celebrate a non-official holiday.

However, this may not be as rare as I first assumed. According to a new survey released by Vault.com Inc., (www.Vault.com), 37% of employees say they celebrate Halloween with their co-workers, and 27% dress up in costume.

Does your company celebrate Halloween?

And beware… Not all halloween costumes are appropriate!

A pharmaceutical sales representative dressed up as the Grim Reaper and went into an intensive care unit of a hospital on Halloween. He was trying to be funny. Neither the patients nor the hospital staff was amused.


Snapalope October 11, 2007

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Viral Marketing is one of the best ways to snag your audience in the saturated market. Viral marketing is best done with integrated marketing campaigns that combine stellar commercials, great websites, and overall, creative ideas!

One of the best examples (in addition to the Smirnoff Raw Tea commercial that I have discusses previously) is the Snapalope campaign put together by Slim Jim.  The campaign is built around the hunting of a fabricated creature called the “Snapalope”  a cross between an Antelope and a barrel of Slim Jims.   The Snapalope Hunting Association of America or the SHAA (www.shaa.com) has entire hunting guides devoted to how to catch the illusive prey.  On the website, they include copies of the commercials which have run nationwide (I’ve also linked to the commercials in the VodPod)