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Secret Ingredients or Common Sense? January 28, 2008

Posted by Amanda in Mouse Clicks.
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I was surfing the cyber waves recently and stumbled across this post on the Mind Cafe blog… It struck me as good advice for anyone looking to make their life riches, or just make their business better.  The problem with some of the suggestions, is that they are easier said than done.   Everyone is struggling to find the next greatest item, but very few will succeed.   A decent article to read anyways.

The first suggestion is….

1. Give something of value to the world. You want more of the material treasures of life, but are you willing to give something of value in return for them? In checking the lives of over ten thousand famous and rich men and women, I found that the value they received in money, recognition, fame, or power, was directly in proportion to what they gave the world.



For my fellow Bloggers January 18, 2008

Posted by Amanda in The Job Maze.
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I saw this today and it made me laugh… HARD!

Act Like a Professional

Contrary to popular beliefs, very few people are actually able to blog for money. WordPress actually does not allow it, unless you pay for their “professional” hosting. However, I have found that blogging provides a great example of writing skills. I can actually credit my blog for helping me land a job! It provided me with a way to show examples of my work without having to carry around a bulky portfolio.

Have you blogged today?

Spin Off January 15, 2008

Posted by Amanda in New Squeaks.
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Since I am so interested in advertising I have decided to dedicate an entire blog just to advertising critiques. Feel free to visit the new blog at: http://ad-mouse.blogspot.com/

The first few posts will be repeats from this blog as I trace back some of the memorable campaigns I have previously spotlighted here.