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Millennials.. A new approach? February 25, 2008

Posted by Amanda in Cheesy Whiskers, The Job Maze.
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I happened to be meandering across Adage today when I came across this article.  Every one of these points struck a chord with me.  I could either relate them to people I know from college or to myself.  I specifically related with these:


Millennials are experts at calculating what it takes to meet expectations. Once locked in, they have a GPS-like approach to navigating toward the goal. I have learned that the flip side of this laser-like focus is a lack of patience for any hint that the rules are being changed midstream.

LESSON: Set clear goals and timelines — and resist modifying them. Once the syllabus is printed, I never change it.



Students are sick of busy work and exercises; they long to do something “real” and meaningful. What’s more, they are convinced they are ready for it. Whenever possible, I incorporate real-world consulting problems and clients into class assignments. Many students have told me years later that those were among the most meaningful experiences they had in their college careers.

LESSON: Assign the tough problems, not just the ones you think they can handle.

For those of you who are managers, what strategies do YOU use to relate with the younger work force?