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Beating Call Reluctance August 28, 2008

Posted by Amanda in Business Tails.
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I recently ran across Portland’s Finest Advertising Blog.  Phil is a very friendly guy with lots of tidbits to share, but one in particular hit home.  As some of you may know, I have started doing a small amount of freelance marketing work on the side and I’ve found it hard to ask for business.  I’m very much a people-pleaser and I often feel like I’m imposing on someone by making my sales pitch. 

The more people you call who say no… the harder it seems to pick up that phone the next.  When you call, you may not even get through the first lines of your pitch before that dial tone is wringing in your ears. So how can you push through it?

One strategy I use it to set a particular time.  So I make a call exactly at 2:00pm.  after that call ends (unless it is hugely successful which requires additional dancing around the room time) I set a timer to make another call at 2:05pm.  In the mean time, I answer emails or file away blog articles for future writing material.  It keeps me moving foward but not bogged down with the cold calling. 

But the post over on Phil’s blog had great advice about another strategy to beat the reluctance:

See how many no’s you can get…

Maybe I’ll set up a board and add a gold star for every no I get.


Product Placement August 27, 2008

Posted by Amanda in Business Tails.
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Product placement has become a major strategy for television advertising.  The invention of Tivo’s and DVRs and other similar techonologies has placed the power into the hands of the viewer.  Don’t want to watch a commercial?  Just fast forward!  So brands have moved to putting their products in the show itself.  This is one marketing strategy that I applaud.  It makes the show more realistic if done correctly.  Notice the disclaimer.  Some shows do let it affect the quality of the show itself.  There are also a few ethical issues with product placement. The viewer may not always realise that it is a paid advertisement, especially if the show is targeted to a younger demographic. 

Haleykish over at Everybody goes to Haleywood highlighted a move by the FCC that could greatly affect product placements in the future.

Possibly coming to televisions across the nation: stronger warnings that the Cokes, Oreos and Sidekicks flaunted by actors have bought their way onto your favorite show.

That’s what the Federal Communications Commission signaled yesterday when it said it would review new rules on how television programmers let viewers know when those “props” are really paid pitches.

FCC Chairman Kevin J. Martin said product placements and integration into story lines have increased as television viewers increasingly use recording devices like TiVo and DVRs to fast forward through commercials. Currently, agency’s rules require television programmers to disclose sponsors who have embedded products into shows. Those disclosures typically are done during the credits at the end of the show, which fly by viewers in small script.

“We want to make sure consumers understand and are aware that they are being advertised to,” said Martin, who first pushed to clarify disclosure rules last fall. “We ask how we should update our rules to reflect current trends in the industry.”

I will definitely be watching to see what moves the FCC makes.   

Product Placement « “Everybody goes to Haleywood”.

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