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Ad Age: Depth and Authenticity September 8, 2008

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A unique store in SoHo NY

A unique store in SoHo NY

One of my favorite parts of Ad Age is their three minute video news briefs. For example, this past friday they talked with a high-end fashion store in NY that has differentiated itself by providing the history behind a piece of clothing. All of the clothing at Operations has a history behind: Fireman’s Jackets, Railroad worker pants, watchmaker shirts. The owner explains that what sells their product isn’t the style of clothing. A type of clothing can be duplicated easily. What sells the product is the history and the authenticity it adds to every piece of clothing.

3 minute Ad Age


Inspiration, anyone? July 2, 2008

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I stumbled across a great blog a while ago called Brandopia.  I quietly added it to my blogroll and I stop by to read up on the lastest.  Today I would like to highlight some of their work as they are definitely worthy of mention.  I love their sense humor as illustrated below!

Visit Brandopia for more!

Marketing with M&M’s June 9, 2008

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I’m always on the lookout for great promotional ideas and about a year ago I ran across one that seemed like a sweet idea.  Printing your business logo or custom message (or both!) on M&M’s in any of the 22 colors they offer.  These little candies can make a big impression.  You can even get your own picture printed on them (one color printing only) if you can get over the idea of people chewing you to pieces.

They are available in bulk or in custom packages for an extra fee.  A ten pound bag will run you from $250 – $450 depending on the design.  Read more about them at http://mymms.com/business


Snapalope October 11, 2007

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Viral Marketing is one of the best ways to snag your audience in the saturated market. Viral marketing is best done with integrated marketing campaigns that combine stellar commercials, great websites, and overall, creative ideas!

One of the best examples (in addition to the Smirnoff Raw Tea commercial that I have discusses previously) is the Snapalope campaign put together by Slim Jim.  The campaign is built around the hunting of a fabricated creature called the “Snapalope”  a cross between an Antelope and a barrel of Slim Jims.   The Snapalope Hunting Association of America or the SHAA (www.shaa.com) has entire hunting guides devoted to how to catch the illusive prey.  On the website, they include copies of the commercials which have run nationwide (I’ve also linked to the commercials in the VodPod)

The Culture of Apple… June 17, 2007

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One of the most popular videos of my collection in VodPod is the 1984 Apple Commercial. Of course, I wasn’t around in 1984, but I was introduced to that video by my Integrated Marketing Communications teacher. Apple is a very fitting company to demonstrate IMC. From the top of the company to the bottom they represent the creative. The unique.

Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think They can change the world, are the ones who do. —Apple Computer

Campus Marketing September 21, 2006

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Marketing on the campus of a University can really be a challenge. There are entire businesses devoted to developing good marketing programs on college campuses. Businesses are constantly looking for students willing to take on the daunting task. Student organizations must rely on their members to compete with the rest of the clutter.

So… What does it really take to break through? No one can know exactly, but here are the common strategies I’ve seen around campus. This list is best for student organizations, but some of these could be adapted for businesses as well.

1. Food! College students like to moan about how they are poor and don’t have much money to spend on things, so free food is a good draw.

2. Free Gifts This goes along with the one before it. But it always depends on WHAT you are giving away. Students can spot junk from 50 yards.

3. Flyers General, sometimes overused, and can be subject to university policy. However, they are still a good way to get your message out, as long as you follow protocol. Student organizations on my campus can get in trouble for posting flyers in places other than pre-approved bulletin boards.

4. Student Calendar Many colleges have calendars of student activites which can be useful for reaching out to a wider variety of students, including international and new students.

5. Table Tents Not all universities allow this, but ours do. A table tent is sheet of paper or a brochure that can be placed on all of the tables in the dining halls. It’s a great way to reach a large number of students, but is not very targeted.

6. T-Shirts Coming up with a catchy slogan is worth the payoff if you get it right. This can work even better when you combine it with strategy #2.

7. Website While this is not a strategy in and of itself, it can help to link your other strategies together and link the message.

8. Online Ads Flyers do not have to be just on bulletin boards. With the rise of community websites such as Facebook and Myspace, advertising online can be an effective way to reach your target market. Just make sure you watch your costs.

9. Banners Our organization resource group will provide banners for student organizations, but individual student organizations must secure the approval to hang them in the most populated areas.

10. Student Newspaper Many campuses have a student newspaper or two that reach the majority of the student population. They may even offer discounts for student organizations.

11. Mass Email Provided you meet certain criteria, our school allows you to send out mass email to students. Check with your university to see if they allow the same.

12. Student Channel Just like a student newspaper, many universities also have a TV channel devoted to student programing. They may allow you to pay for advertising, or, if you have a good pr spin, they may be interested in doing a story about you!

13. Sidewalk Chalking Our school doesn’t allow this, but many do. Just come up with a catchy slogan, get out that chalk and get to work! The more time you spend on it and the better it looks, the better result you will have.

14. Word of Mouth On a typically tight knit community like a college campus, word of mouth can make a huge difference in the success of a marketing campaign. Generally you have to have some sort of “seed” marketing method to generate the initial buzz, but after that, as students talk to each other, word spreads. Positive word of mouth can often generate good results, often with no further expenditures, while negative word of mouth will typically kill a marketing campaign despite the amount of money and effort being pumped into it.

Can you think of more ways to reach the student population? I’ll add more ideas here as people post them or I think of them 🙂

Tea Partay September 13, 2006

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For one of my classes we have to create a short promotional video for an on campus service. This has made me think about what makes a good commercial stand out from the rest. Is it humor? Is it shock tactics? What really breaks through the clutter and makes a commercial like this stand out:

So what do you think? What quality or qualities makes a commercial be so different from the rest that people will actually look for it on youtube and tell their friends about it?

Small Thoughts… September 11, 2006

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Have you ever seen a commercial that sticks with you? You just keep repeating the tag line over and over? I have a friend, and fellow marketing major, who insists on using tag lines in almost every conversation he has. We’re still determining if this is an uncontrolable urge for him or if he can be broken of it. (It happens to be driving me nuts) Here are some of the lines he uses often. Can you guess each company for the correct line?

So you’re sticking to yourself.

We’re too excited to sleep.

Get in my Belly!

That’s all I can think of at the moment, but I know there are more and I will come back and edit this post as I remember them. But what makes a commercial memorable? What makes these lines still in my poor friends head? What lines have stuck in YOUR head and what makes you repeat them over and over?

Burrito… Big Burrito… August 29, 2006

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Imagine building an entire marketing campaign around one signature product. With lines such as “Burrito? or Body pillow?” and “Burrito’s so big they should be called Burros” one company has done just that. Created in 1993 Chipotle (pronounced chi-POAT-lay) has grown to more than 500 stores, across the United States.

I had been doing research for a McDonald’s project, and remembered that McDonald owned shares in Chipotle, which of course led me over to their site. Once there, their ads called to me. 149 ads using a burrito and a tag line. And no, I don’t mean 149 ads showing different types of burritos with glamour shots of the ingrediants. I mean 149 ads showing the same simple silver wrapped burrito as above.

The image that comes to my mind is a scene of a conference room with the entire marketing staff sitting around it. In the middle of the table sits the burrito. Then, they are asked to come up with as many tag lines as possible. No idea is pushed out as being horrible. This leads to such great lines as, “Donde esta la casa de big-ass burritos?” and “It’s like one of those Freaky dreams where everything is really big.” What amazes me about Chipotle is that they are so on target with their target market, the 18-24 year old category.

With everything from t-shirts to a burrito costume contest, Chipotle easily portrays a fun enviroment with good quality food. Even their website conveys this. When you go to visit the ads area (and I highly suggest you do) their icons fall down like tetris tiles! So far as I can tell, the smallest detail has not been overlooked. The one bad press thing I’ve heard about Chipotle is that they are tied to McDonald’s.

Vroom Vroom June 29, 2006

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This has been on my list of things to write about for a while now… John Moore over at Brand Autopsy wrote about how he thought Gas Station TV was a horrible idea.  I disagree.  I’m often bored when I’m waiting for that $40 dollar tank of gas to fill up, and I would welcome something of the sort.

That’s a picture of the latest brilliant marketing idea – showing television commercials to people pumping gas. Gas Station TV has been testing this marketing idea in Dallas and is expanding the test to more markets with an eye towards having 1,000 gas stations in 21 states by next year. Airing on GSTV will be 15-second commercials as well as news/entertainment content from the ABC television network.

 If chosen correctly, I think marketing on Gas Station TV could work.  News and weather would be the two things I would want to see.  Advertisements could be for items that are in the gas station, and should be short (no one really likes advertisement, but if they’re paying for the tv).  What do you think?

Jennifer Koretsky over at the ADD Business Owner had some great ideas in her comment.

I think some of you may have it all wrong. What if these Televisions started showing five minute preview clips your favorite ABC show. These could be exclusive clips that can only be viewed at gas stations as you pump gas.

I think Lost, Desperate Housewives, and Grey Anatomy fans might be lined up to view the exclusive clips. My girlfriend can not stop talking about Dr. Mc Dreamy…I might as well give her an excuse to pump her own gas. Somewhat kidding…

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