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Product Placement August 27, 2008

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Product placement has become a major strategy for television advertising.  The invention of Tivo’s and DVRs and other similar techonologies has placed the power into the hands of the viewer.  Don’t want to watch a commercial?  Just fast forward!  So brands have moved to putting their products in the show itself.  This is one marketing strategy that I applaud.  It makes the show more realistic if done correctly.  Notice the disclaimer.  Some shows do let it affect the quality of the show itself.  There are also a few ethical issues with product placement. The viewer may not always realise that it is a paid advertisement, especially if the show is targeted to a younger demographic. 

Haleykish over at Everybody goes to Haleywood highlighted a move by the FCC that could greatly affect product placements in the future.

Possibly coming to televisions across the nation: stronger warnings that the Cokes, Oreos and Sidekicks flaunted by actors have bought their way onto your favorite show.

That’s what the Federal Communications Commission signaled yesterday when it said it would review new rules on how television programmers let viewers know when those “props” are really paid pitches.

FCC Chairman Kevin J. Martin said product placements and integration into story lines have increased as television viewers increasingly use recording devices like TiVo and DVRs to fast forward through commercials. Currently, agency’s rules require television programmers to disclose sponsors who have embedded products into shows. Those disclosures typically are done during the credits at the end of the show, which fly by viewers in small script.

“We want to make sure consumers understand and are aware that they are being advertised to,” said Martin, who first pushed to clarify disclosure rules last fall. “We ask how we should update our rules to reflect current trends in the industry.”

I will definitely be watching to see what moves the FCC makes.   

Product Placement « “Everybody goes to Haleywood”.

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Inspiration, anyone? July 2, 2008

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I stumbled across a great blog a while ago called Brandopia.  I quietly added it to my blogroll and I stop by to read up on the lastest.  Today I would like to highlight some of their work as they are definitely worthy of mention.  I love their sense humor as illustrated below!

Visit Brandopia for more!

Are You Really Ready to Advertise? June 11, 2008

Posted by Amanda in A Better Mouse Trap, Business Tails.
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John Moore over at Brand Autopsy highlighted an article from Advertising Age, where they recommended Jet Blue focus on its current customers and improving their experience rather than releasing a new campaign to promote the company.  This concept of improving the customer experience before spending the advertising money highlights a change in the advertising industry.  It’s the change from the hard sell to viral marketing techniques that are so prevalent now (as I mentioned over at Ad Mouse)

It also changes the job market.  No longer are advertising and marketing companies just there to create a great campaign, they are expected to be Brand Managers. Their job is to manage the entire experience that a customer has with a product.

I feel this has changed because no matter how great your advertising campaign is, if your product is not up to the customers expectations it is money wasted.  A happy customer tells 1 person.  An unhappy customer will tell 10.  So to end up ahead, you need to have a LOT of happy customers.  Raising customer’s expectations when the product hasn’t changed is not a good idea.

So ask yourself, before you spring for that new ad campaign.  Are you really ready to advertise?

Spin Off January 15, 2008

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Since I am so interested in advertising I have decided to dedicate an entire blog just to advertising critiques. Feel free to visit the new blog at: http://ad-mouse.blogspot.com/

The first few posts will be repeats from this blog as I trace back some of the memorable campaigns I have previously spotlighted here.

Snapalope October 11, 2007

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Viral Marketing is one of the best ways to snag your audience in the saturated market. Viral marketing is best done with integrated marketing campaigns that combine stellar commercials, great websites, and overall, creative ideas!

One of the best examples (in addition to the Smirnoff Raw Tea commercial that I have discusses previously) is the Snapalope campaign put together by Slim Jim.  The campaign is built around the hunting of a fabricated creature called the “Snapalope”  a cross between an Antelope and a barrel of Slim Jims.   The Snapalope Hunting Association of America or the SHAA (www.shaa.com) has entire hunting guides devoted to how to catch the illusive prey.  On the website, they include copies of the commercials which have run nationwide (I’ve also linked to the commercials in the VodPod)

Burrito… Big Burrito… August 29, 2006

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Imagine building an entire marketing campaign around one signature product. With lines such as “Burrito? or Body pillow?” and “Burrito’s so big they should be called Burros” one company has done just that. Created in 1993 Chipotle (pronounced chi-POAT-lay) has grown to more than 500 stores, across the United States.

I had been doing research for a McDonald’s project, and remembered that McDonald owned shares in Chipotle, which of course led me over to their site. Once there, their ads called to me. 149 ads using a burrito and a tag line. And no, I don’t mean 149 ads showing different types of burritos with glamour shots of the ingrediants. I mean 149 ads showing the same simple silver wrapped burrito as above.

The image that comes to my mind is a scene of a conference room with the entire marketing staff sitting around it. In the middle of the table sits the burrito. Then, they are asked to come up with as many tag lines as possible. No idea is pushed out as being horrible. This leads to such great lines as, “Donde esta la casa de big-ass burritos?” and “It’s like one of those Freaky dreams where everything is really big.” What amazes me about Chipotle is that they are so on target with their target market, the 18-24 year old category.

With everything from t-shirts to a burrito costume contest, Chipotle easily portrays a fun enviroment with good quality food. Even their website conveys this. When you go to visit the ads area (and I highly suggest you do) their icons fall down like tetris tiles! So far as I can tell, the smallest detail has not been overlooked. The one bad press thing I’ve heard about Chipotle is that they are tied to McDonald’s.