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How secure is your Data? August 23, 2006

Posted by Amanda in Business Tails.
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The Department of Veterans Affairs now says over two million active service men and women could be at risk for identity theft. Hotels.com is Just Latest Victim of Old-Fashioned Data Theft. You’ve probably heard these stories all over the news, and it brings up the issue, just how safe is your data?

I got the opportunity this summer to tour a data center in person. And yes, they had a fancy log in system, and they had a thumb reader on the main door into the center. However, when we continued our tour out the back door of the facility, there was no thumb reader on the back door, and I’m not even sure that door was locked. What good are the security systems, if they only seem to be for show? We had all logged into the system, but we never logged out. Also, the data reels are copied and transported to another location, to protect against such disasters as fire. However, how much security is provided to the data at that point?

So really investigate where you store your data, and don’t just take the security systems on face value. They could just be for show. Ask questions and don’t settle till you’re satisfied.